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An Excessorized Life – No thanks Rachel Zoe – Not for me!

Most of you would know who Rachel Zoe is, right?  For those of you who don’t, Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist, who has her own reality TV show, launched her own Rachel Zoe fashion line last year, and today(well, yesterday US time) has launched her new jewellery collection exclusively at Neiman Marcus

The jewellery collection is inspired by her Mother and highly esteemed international design houses.  Zoe explains “I poured my heart into the collection so that every piece tells a story, provokes a memory or connotes a sentiment—after all, jewelry really is the most personal part of any look.”
She goes on to explain that the pieces are of quality and detail, but at an attainable price.  hmm… I wonder who she thinks it will be attainable to?

Check out her exclusive video clip

Rachel Zoe’s Jewellery Collection Exclusive to Neiman Marcus

The only piece that I came close to liking was RZ’s – Domed Deco Bracelet

RZ – Domed Deco Bracelet – $420US

This as my most favoured piece from a not so nice collection, only because I have an slight obsession with all things on my wrist.  I must agree that the quality of the pieces is great.  She uses White pave Swarovski® crystals, gold plating, and black quartz.

I can not say much for the rest of her collection.  It is a bit too gold, and art deco for me.  A bit too over the top.  and again I say GOLD… way too much.  The site describes a lot of the pieces as vintage, but I think it is way too vintage for my liking.

There are 40 pieces in her collection, ranging from ear-rings,  bracelets, chunky rings, and necklaces.  The pieces range from $195 – $650, which I think is a little exey, considering that the US isn’t exactly in a good financial position.  Is she thinking about her clients??  I am not sure.

The collection is very Rachel Zoe and has been created from her love for all things vintage.  I have not always liked her style, as I think it is TOO vintage.

The great thing about this collection is that Neiman Marcus ships internationally, so if you love any of the RZ pieces or anything from Neiman Marcus (and who doesn’t), you can get it.  Just love Neiman Marcus

I encourage you all to check out Rachel Zoe’s latest collection and let me know what you think.

Have a great day!


If I were not paying off my CC, I would buy these in every colour..

So, I was just surfing the net tonight, you know seeing what is new out that I could possibly purchase.. which is not much.. I have been using Pinterest to post loads of images, which seems to help me get through my no spending year.  You should check it and me out!

So, here are some fabulous Tory Burch bangles,  Check these little babies out.

Tory Burch Logo Hinged Bracelets - Image from Neiman Marcus

When I saw these bangles,  I think my heart stopped.  Wow, they are totally beautiful.  I love all the colours but think my favourite colour is the orange one.

Tory Burch - Logo HInge Bracelet - Orange

You would all by now know that I have this fetish with bangles.  I was only telling my husband today, that I feel naked with out my stack on.  Not sure what it is, I have loved wearing bangles for a long time… Maybe it is a throw back from another life, where I was some warrior princess that wore some heavy bangles or something.. very imaginative I know.  I thought it sounded pretty cool… anyway.

I found these lovely Tory Burch bangles at ShopBop and Neiman Marcus.  Both cost $125.00.  Now I would personally go with ShopBop, I have shopped there before and if you spend over $100, Shipping is free, so in this case not a cent to pay for shipping.

I hope you can get 1 or even 2…  I am receiving a work bonus next month, so I am hoping to purchase this for myself as a gift for myself.

Til nextu time… Be Good!!