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Coach – The Most Searched Luxury Handbag Brands Globally?? Can it be true??

Well,  the answer is yes, according Luxury Society & Digital Luxury Group.  Both firms are well versed in this area of luxury, just check out their respective websites.   So I am more likely to believe them.

“Digital Luxury Group and Luxury Society are the.. wonderful groups ..who launched the World Luxury Index™ Handbags. Unveiling for the first time, a ranking and analysis of the most searched-for handbag brands within the luxury industry, based on the unbiased search inputs coming from global luxury consumers in major search engines.

Their research examined over 130 brands, through 130 million+ searches,  in eight countries.  In a bid to better understand the search behaviours of consumers seeking both premium brands – such as Coach, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Furla and Longchamp – and major luxury brands – such as Armani, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo and Prada.

This is some worthwhile research that is actually interesting… I think they should do more of this sort of stuff!  who’s with me?

Below are the Top 10 results, and it may surprise you a little!  It surprised me!

The Top 10 Most Searched Luxury Handbag Brands Globally

The biggest surprise has to be Coach.  I would have thought that both LV or Chanel would take out the honors of this research.  Coach has been around for a long time but I would have never considered them as a luxurious brand.  I would compare the brand to the likes of Oroton in Australia, but maybe bigger.

In saying that I totally love the Spring 2012 campaign that Gwynneth Patrow stars!  And since purchasing my first bangle in NYC in 2010, I really like their style aesthetic.

Gwyneth-Paltrow & Coach’s Spring 2012 Ad Campaign (Image C/- http://www.fashionista.com)

Below is a little something that I put together care of my friends @ Polyvore.  Here are my picks from their current collection.  You can check them all out and the rest of their current collection at Coach

My Favourite coach bags

Below are some other wonderful statistics from the research performed.

The picture below gives you an idea of where in the world people are doing their searches for Luxury Handbags.  It seems that per 1000 handbag searches that the UK has the largest number of searches!  Interesting.. And even more interesting,  Australia does not even get a mention.  Hmm, I wonder if that means Australians were not part of the group surveyed, or whether we do not even rank per 1000 hand bag searches – ooohhh..

Number of Handbag Searches per 1000 Internet Users

Here are some other results that may interest you:

“Japanese consumers are beginning to move beyond their famed affection for Louis Vuitton handbags, in a market where 85% of Japanese women already own a Louis Vuitton product (The Economist). The brand ranks 9th in Japan, and makes it the only country where Louis Vuitton does not rank in the top 5.

In the European market, Coach is much less popular than its global #1 ranking would suggest. The American brand ranks only 29th in Italy, 19th in France, 11th in Germany and 7th in the UK.

In France, Lonchamp is the most desired brand online, with almost twice the searches for handbags than Louis Vuitton, which comes in 2nd.”

(Information taken from Luxury Society )

So, how many of you agree with this??  Should we conduct our own survey?  I think so.  So, if you were searching for a luxury hand bag, which would be your favored brand?

Is there a choice of all of them.. :).  Think mine would be Chanel or Hermes!

Enjoy your weekend!





Farewell Chanel, Kerastase & Dr Brandt! Hello L’oreal, SkinDoctors & Toni & Guy!

OK, being less frivolous with my money and in attempting to reduce my credit card debt, I decided that I should also apply this method to my beauty regime,  seeing that I am on a budget.

Traditionally, I was the person who usually bought products, yes, like Chanel, Dr Brandt, Clarins and the all the rest.  I love trying new products, and always made sure that they were expensive, because you know in my head, it made me look good.. quite funny now that I think of it..  Most people really do not care what products you use unless its  a miracle cream, and we know that they really do not exist.

Goodbye My dear Chanel

So, the day came when I squeezed the last bit out of my Chanel Cleanser.  It was the saddest day, well, for that week anyway.  The Chanel Precision Mousse Doucer Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser, was the most luxurious face wash I ever used.  It was just totally beautiful on my face.  The foam particles were so small, and fluffy..  uh, I can remember how it felt. BUT  I just could not justify paying about $50 for a tube of face wash, even if it did last for some time.   It would leave me down half my weekly budget for that week… hmm, not too good.

Late last year, I was also seduced by the Chanel ladies to try their Beauty Serum, cause at the time, Lancome was promoting their latest serum, and I thought well, I need a serum too! and I did not want to get what everyone was raving about, so I decided to get the Chanel  Hydra Beauty Serum.  This was an additional $115, on top of the $90 that I was paying for their moisturizer.  That came with the $130 eye cream, sorry ladies, I can not recall the exact name.

So, when 2012 came around and I was coming to the end of these products, funny it all comes around at the same time. Not sure I would call them fabulous, would it be terrible to say that I was not overly impressed with their products, except the face wash??.  What would Mademoiselle say.. sorry Coco.. I could not justify the cost of getting the same products.

Now the same thing happened with my shampoo and conditioner.  For years I had been using Kerastase products at about $50 a bop! and that was just for the shampoo.  The leave-in conditioner was just under $60! Shane nearly died one day when I told him one day that I was paying that much for shampoo and conditioner, but again I tell you it was luxurious.. I love what it did for my hair.

My old Shampoo

With the new year and attempting to reduce my consumption of, ok everything, all my products were impacted.  Now for a little history, I recall so clearly as a teenager admiring my sister-in-law for all the wonderful products she had in her bathroom, mainly Clairns, which was popular in the late 90’s.  I wanted to be like that.  It all changed years later when I visited her bathroom and noticed all her products had changed, as had her life.  She now was married to my brother of course, and had 2 children! Priorities had changed, and beauty did not seem as important as it was.. I so, remember telling myself that I was never going to be like that.  I was ALWAYS going to have my liuxurious products.

OMG – how that has changed! I too, are married not and have children, and can really see how my priorities have changed!!

POW – you are back in the present.  So, with this, I was a little excited to see what I could find out there that would match the expensive brands.  Initally, I started out with some really basic products.  I started to use QV Gentle Face Cleanser, which seems to get raves from many fashion magazines.  I was quite happy with this product, not as luxurious as Chanel but it was effective.

Next were moisturizers.  Over the months I have tried a couple of supermarket brands – OMG – yes, that’s where I went.  I tried the L’oreal Rivitalift range, which I was impressed with.  These were really inexpensive products at approx $30 for day and night cream.  If you were lucky, Coles or Wolies had them on special!  I thought I would try something a little different, and found Youth Cell by the Skin Doctors at my favorite place THE CHEMIST WEAR HOUSE 

My new friends in the fight against age!

I have just started using these products, and I am happy with them so far.. will let you know if there are any dramatic crack reductions.  Crack you as?  That is what my 4 year old daugther calls wrinkles.. Precious!!

Finally, my hair care products!!  I am using a L’oreal range, which is organic, and more recently Coles and Woolies have stocked some Toni & guy Products, which I am enjoying.

So, whats the morale of this post?  and I will tell you, as I user of both luxurious and cheaper hair care and skin care products, I can not seem to see the difference.  If you have a look, most of the brands are now owned by the likes of L’oreal and bigger cosmetic conglomerates.  The way I see is it it unless you want to be a the forefront of skincare, if you wait a little the more reasonable priced brands like L’oreal, and Olay will eventually include these ingredients in their products

I was watching a Youtube clip from Bethenny Frankel on her new show, and I tend to agree with her comments, that suggest it is about CONSISTENCY rather that the actual products!  As long as you wear moisturizer with SPF and an eye every day, you will be giving your skin the moisture it needs.  I was at a Clinique Counter and the lovely lady told me the same…

maybe one day, I will get back to using those products but I know that I will be doing it for a better reason than looking good to everyone else!  🙂

So, I am interested to know, has your beauty products changed over the years?? Do you religiously use the same products??  What are your favourite products what ever the price?

And with that I will farewell you!!!

Til next time be good!!