Would you buy fashion from Target???

Now, usually I am not a fan of purchasing fashion from Target, with my biggest fear of seeing someone else wearing my outfit, and its target (ok – shoot me!). But that all changed at the beginning of the year (before I started this challenge), when Target Hot Options Exclusively for Grazia, launched their first collection.  I purchased this hot red jacket.  Here you can see me wearing it 2 ways – both very stylish  I must say!

My Target Jacket

I totally love this jacket, although the pants that came with it, just did not suite me – too matchy matchy for my liking.

I have been waiting for some time for their new collection to be launched, thinking it was sooner rather than later.  This morning I was on the Grazia website checking out how much it costs to keep Suri happy, and noticed an article for the new collection.

All I can say, is that you have to get yourself to Target – and I do seldom say that.  The collection is fabulous and the price points are even better.  Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection! (Images care of Grazia)

Hot Options Exclusively for Grazia at Target jacket, $99 and pants, $69

Hot Options Exclusively for Grazia at Target jacket, $99, top, $49 and shorts, $59

Hot Options Exclusively for Grazia at Target top, $49 and shorts, $59

Floral and all things colourful is going to be hot going into Spring Summer 2012, so these items are perfect!

The pricing for the collection starts at $19 for a goldish skirt, which I was not too keen on, and the most expensive item is the wonderful jacket at $99.  I would suggest that you do go in store to try this collection on, as I am always weary with sizing of target brands.

You can even purchase the collection on line as well – Check it out here

I have been on holidays and it is great to be back and look forward to sharing more with you this week

Will you be purchasing anything from this collection?  What do you think of the pieces.. I want your feedback now!

Til next time ..Be Good!





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