Who will win the gold medal? – Red or Yellow?

Welcome to Tuesday! 😉

I have this passion for painting my nails, which stems back to watching my older sister masterfully applying polish to her lovely nails when I was a girl.  I always admired how fabulous her nails were, and of course she was my older sister, who I always wanted to be like!

So, over the years I have tried hundreds of different brands of nail polish from non-brands to Chanel.. Not sure Coco was meant to do the dishes, as Chanel Nail polish never seemed to last that long before it started cracking!

Over the last year, I have fallen in love with the Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Extreme Wear, because their colours are fab and they seem to be the bench market for longivity!  I can usually get a week out of my nail colour.  Here is my latest purchase from their range!


Sally Hanson Extreme Wear Nail Polish

Yesterday, I was at my local chemist picking up some tweezers, when I came upon this wall of colour – it was like Nail Polish Heaven.  It was a range from Designer Brand label TBN – The Beauty Network.  This range of products, which there are loads of including nail colours is built on the premise that their products are similar to the high end cosmetic brands but at a fraction of the price.

So, the nail polish cost me $2.50 – I could not believe it.  You can pay up to $35 for a nail polish.. and these were $2.50.  The sales lady trying trying to get me to buy 5 for $10 – CRAZY!!!  I had to try one, to see what it was like  – I chose yellow.

Colour by TBN – Yellow

So, today, I  decided that I would nail test this polish up against my current favourite Sally Hanson – which will be the control ( do you remember science – funny).  The Sally Hanson Extreme Nails can be purchased most places nail polish is bought.  I got this red on from Coles!

So, to ensure that we are comparing apples with apples – as the saying goes,  I applied 2 coats of each colour, and a Sally Hanson Top coat.  I did not apply a base coat.  Here is my artistic photo of the 2 colours.. Very Mcdonalds like! – ha ha


Nails by TBN and Sally Hanson

Over the coming days, I will see how they both fair, and let you know the results.  So, far they are doing pretty well!  I must say that the Sally Hanson with 2 coats does look a little better.  The Colour by TBN would be better if I applied another coat.   Wish these colours good luck!!

So, my question for you all today, is what is your favoured brand of nail polish??  What is your favourite colour.. Are you into the trend of nail art??

Looking forward to the results as the end of the week!!

Til then – be Good!


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