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Would you buy fashion from Target???

Now, usually I am not a fan of purchasing fashion from Target, with my biggest fear of seeing someone else wearing my outfit, and its target (ok – shoot me!). But that all changed at the beginning of the year (before I started this challenge), when Target Hot Options Exclusively for Grazia, launched their first collection.  I purchased this hot red jacket.  Here you can see me wearing it 2 ways – both very stylish  I must say!

My Target Jacket

I totally love this jacket, although the pants that came with it, just did not suite me – too matchy matchy for my liking.

I have been waiting for some time for their new collection to be launched, thinking it was sooner rather than later.  This morning I was on the Grazia website checking out how much it costs to keep Suri happy, and noticed an article for the new collection.

All I can say, is that you have to get yourself to Target – and I do seldom say that.  The collection is fabulous and the price points are even better.  Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection! (Images care of Grazia)

Hot Options Exclusively for Grazia at Target jacket, $99 and pants, $69

Hot Options Exclusively for Grazia at Target jacket, $99, top, $49 and shorts, $59

Hot Options Exclusively for Grazia at Target top, $49 and shorts, $59

Floral and all things colourful is going to be hot going into Spring Summer 2012, so these items are perfect!

The pricing for the collection starts at $19 for a goldish skirt, which I was not too keen on, and the most expensive item is the wonderful jacket at $99.  I would suggest that you do go in store to try this collection on, as I am always weary with sizing of target brands.

You can even purchase the collection on line as well – Check it out here

I have been on holidays and it is great to be back and look forward to sharing more with you this week

Will you be purchasing anything from this collection?  What do you think of the pieces.. I want your feedback now!

Til next time ..Be Good!





If I were not paying of my CC, I would buy this and this & this..

I have been a big fan of this brand for many years, and have seen it grow into a well recognised brand.  Who are you talking about, you ask?

Well, the brand that I totally love is gorjana. For my regular post, I was looking for something to share with you, but gorjana’s pieces are so fab, I could not just pick one.  So, with the help of Polyvore, I have created a little set of all my fav pieces – they are all just delicious!!

My favourite Gorjana pieces

Handbag / Jewelry / Necklace / Bracelet / Necklace / Necklace

Now, a little bit about the brand.  Born in 2004, by husband and wife duo Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel.  Now named gorjana & griffin,  its creators describe their brand as a “socially conscious lifestyle company that makes cool, fashionable, current, high quality products at reasonable price points for men and women.” – totally love this description.  And you can tell from all their pieces that they are true to their company branding.

I have personally seen the brand grow over the years, as they have added new lines to their collections.  Initially, launching with jewellery.  gorjana has grown their range to include handbags, shoes, accessories as well as launching in 2012 a Men’s line.

They have a huge following, from celeb’s like Kristin Cavallari, Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford and Olivia Wilde.  They are regularly seen in fashion magazines in the US – Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Lucky& Instyle

You can visit their website directly here, and enjoy $15.00 postage costs, which is fab.  You can purchase all their collection, plus they have some exclusives that you can only get on their site.  I know that my favourite on-line website ShopBop also carries these wonderful pieces.

So, I would strongly suggest, if you are looking for some wonderful pieces at a fantastic price, with good shipping rates, I would get your little fingers down to gorjana now.

Til next time, be good…



Images care of gorjana & griffin


Who’s on the cover of Vogue’s September’s issue?

Its something that is always talked about, gawd even a movie was made about it – the September issue of Vogue USA.   The cover September issue of Vogue has been leaked none other by the coveree herself – Lady Gaga!  It seems that she posted the cover on her website Little Monsters, with the comments: “SHH DONT TELL TWITTER/ SEPT ISSUE OF VOGUE MAGAZINE/ Sorry Anna but the underground kids deserve it. bisous!”

So, here is the cover. The absolutely gorgeous mermaid style dress Lady GG is wearing is from none other than Marc Jacobs.  The photography is amazing by Mert & Marcus.

Lady Gaga on the cover of September Vogue

Inside the issue, Lady Gaga talks about a new fragrance she is launching, as well as being a free spirit.    This is what she says “I still find time to have sex at night on the beach when no one’s around.  Or roll into a bar and get (bleeped) up, and dance with my top off. It’s just that no one ever sees it, because I have great real friends who never let me do it when I would get caught.”  – Just got to love her!!!

The September issue is huge – it is a whopping 916 pages and will be out on August 21.  I know that I look forward to reading it on my iPad!  Can not wait.

Have  a great weekend!

Thanks to Fashion Weekly Daily & Fashionista for assisting with information and Image used in this article



An Excessorized Life – No thanks Rachel Zoe – Not for me!

Most of you would know who Rachel Zoe is, right?  For those of you who don’t, Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist, who has her own reality TV show, launched her own Rachel Zoe fashion line last year, and today(well, yesterday US time) has launched her new jewellery collection exclusively at Neiman Marcus

The jewellery collection is inspired by her Mother and highly esteemed international design houses.  Zoe explains “I poured my heart into the collection so that every piece tells a story, provokes a memory or connotes a sentiment—after all, jewelry really is the most personal part of any look.”
She goes on to explain that the pieces are of quality and detail, but at an attainable price.  hmm… I wonder who she thinks it will be attainable to?

Check out her exclusive video clip

Rachel Zoe’s Jewellery Collection Exclusive to Neiman Marcus

The only piece that I came close to liking was RZ’s – Domed Deco Bracelet

RZ – Domed Deco Bracelet – $420US

This as my most favoured piece from a not so nice collection, only because I have an slight obsession with all things on my wrist.  I must agree that the quality of the pieces is great.  She uses White pave Swarovski® crystals, gold plating, and black quartz.

I can not say much for the rest of her collection.  It is a bit too gold, and art deco for me.  A bit too over the top.  and again I say GOLD… way too much.  The site describes a lot of the pieces as vintage, but I think it is way too vintage for my liking.

There are 40 pieces in her collection, ranging from ear-rings,  bracelets, chunky rings, and necklaces.  The pieces range from $195 – $650, which I think is a little exey, considering that the US isn’t exactly in a good financial position.  Is she thinking about her clients??  I am not sure.

The collection is very Rachel Zoe and has been created from her love for all things vintage.  I have not always liked her style, as I think it is TOO vintage.

The great thing about this collection is that Neiman Marcus ships internationally, so if you love any of the RZ pieces or anything from Neiman Marcus (and who doesn’t), you can get it.  Just love Neiman Marcus

I encourage you all to check out Rachel Zoe’s latest collection and let me know what you think.

Have a great day!

Who will win the gold medal? – Red or Yellow?

Welcome to Tuesday! 😉

I have this passion for painting my nails, which stems back to watching my older sister masterfully applying polish to her lovely nails when I was a girl.  I always admired how fabulous her nails were, and of course she was my older sister, who I always wanted to be like!

So, over the years I have tried hundreds of different brands of nail polish from non-brands to Chanel.. Not sure Coco was meant to do the dishes, as Chanel Nail polish never seemed to last that long before it started cracking!

Over the last year, I have fallen in love with the Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Extreme Wear, because their colours are fab and they seem to be the bench market for longivity!  I can usually get a week out of my nail colour.  Here is my latest purchase from their range!


Sally Hanson Extreme Wear Nail Polish

Yesterday, I was at my local chemist picking up some tweezers, when I came upon this wall of colour – it was like Nail Polish Heaven.  It was a range from Designer Brand label TBN – The Beauty Network.  This range of products, which there are loads of including nail colours is built on the premise that their products are similar to the high end cosmetic brands but at a fraction of the price.

So, the nail polish cost me $2.50 – I could not believe it.  You can pay up to $35 for a nail polish.. and these were $2.50.  The sales lady trying trying to get me to buy 5 for $10 – CRAZY!!!  I had to try one, to see what it was like  – I chose yellow.

Colour by TBN – Yellow

So, today, I  decided that I would nail test this polish up against my current favourite Sally Hanson – which will be the control ( do you remember science – funny).  The Sally Hanson Extreme Nails can be purchased most places nail polish is bought.  I got this red on from Coles!

So, to ensure that we are comparing apples with apples – as the saying goes,  I applied 2 coats of each colour, and a Sally Hanson Top coat.  I did not apply a base coat.  Here is my artistic photo of the 2 colours.. Very Mcdonalds like! – ha ha


Nails by TBN and Sally Hanson

Over the coming days, I will see how they both fair, and let you know the results.  So, far they are doing pretty well!  I must say that the Sally Hanson with 2 coats does look a little better.  The Colour by TBN would be better if I applied another coat.   Wish these colours good luck!!

So, my question for you all today, is what is your favoured brand of nail polish??  What is your favourite colour.. Are you into the trend of nail art??

Looking forward to the results as the end of the week!!

Til then – be Good!

If I were not paying off my CC, I would buy this… I WISH..

Ok,  so I just had to visit Moda Operandi after reading an email notification about the Vintage Hermes bags on sale at their site

So –  yes,  I might be dreaming especially after you see what my favourite Kelly would be if I did not have my credit card debt, and was maybe a millionaire.  Let me dream!

Here she is… the 25cm Fuschia Shiny Porosus Crocodile Kelly Bag!   I can not describe how I feel about this bag… maybe its like being in heaven..Just look at her… I am breathless..

Hermes – Kelly Bag – back view

Hermes – Kelly Bag – I wish this was me…

Ok, so I have come back to earth and here is a little bit about the Kelly, care of Moda Operandi.

  • This 25cm Kelly bag features a single rolled top handle, a detachable shoulder strap with lobster claw clasps, a belt-style strap with branded palladium turn lock hardware at the front flap, a padlock-and-key clochette and protective palladium metal feet
  • Turn lock closure at front flap belt-style strap
  • Leather lined interior features two open patch pockets and one exposed zip pocket
  • Shiny porosus crocodile
  • Pristine condition; bag appears to have never been used, hardware sealed with protective plastic
  • J square stamp; photograph of stamp available upon request
  • Includes dust bag and signature Hermés bag box
  • Made in France

Hermes is the ultimate in handbag luxury in the world – I mean ULTIMATE!  I was even privileged recently to hold one, thanks to a wonderful friend, who recently made a purchase.

They are a totally beautiful bag, and you would know one when you see one.  You will see many celeb’s & very wealthy people donning their Birkin or Kelly.

I can not believe this!  I just converted the priced of this handbag to Australian dollars and it is just on $51,000.00.. Yes,  you are correct, the comma is in the right spot.  Fifty-one thousand dollars.. OMG… OMG… but she is a beautiful bag.

I think you should check out the site and pick your bag and let me know which one you picked and how much it cost in AUD dollars.  Have a bit of fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

A wise woman’s teachings, a PhD student & Me the feminist!

Well, the other week I was reading an article called ” Yes, I am a feminist.  Why arnt you? on Mammamia, all about feminism, and how females today do not really relate to being a feminist, especially younger females.

I read the article and really disagreed with it  & thought I am no feminist.  I then thought of all the reasons why I was not feminist and thoughts of women burning their bras’, strike like actions, some out there things – not that’s not me I thought.  I then thought is feminism a thing of the past??

Definition of Feminism – One persons perspective anyway (thanks the genderblog)

All this changed after 2 conversations and something I saw on TV.

The other day, I was telling my Mum of some changes that I want to make in my life, and a lesson that I had learnt from that.  The lesson that I had learnt, I was telling her was that I was putting all the responsibility of this change onto my husband, and making him responsible.  To that my Mum argued, “Lucia, he has to look after you..but Mum” I said.  I was telling her the lesson I had learnt was that I need to be responsible for the changes that I was making, and not make my husband responsible.  To that she positively responded… “its great that you are independent Lucia…”  I changed the conversation after that.  I did not think about it again… until..

A few days later, I was talking to a International PhD student, who was from Pakistan.  He was telling me about women in his country and how they are married off when they are 16, so their parents do not have to look after any more, and they are looked after by their husbands.  He continued to tell me how these young women, who were now more aware of opportunities for women, were rebelling and not getting married, only to get educations and change their lives.

I was then watching a reality TV show, the Housewives of the OC.   One of the HW, Alexis, went to her husband to ask him if she could take some acting lessons, and he commented that he did not like the idea, because it was her job to look after him and “his” children, and  these extra lessons would take her away from that.  I could see how deflated she was after he told her this… I was so sad for her.

Alexis & her husband – HW of OC (Image care of TV

All these 3 things got me thinking about being a feminist and what it is to be a women.  I could see how far we have come, but still saw how far  women have to go in having the CHOICE to do what they like to do.

You know, I can see the conflict in my Mum’s conversation, one minute she is all about being looked after by someone, and the other minute she is about being independent.  Even though, she had this conflict in her mind, somehow she pathed the way for change with her daughters.  She taught her girls about the opportunities women can have.  She strongly impressed in us the ability to be independent and rely on ourselves in many situations.  She showed us a world, where we now had the choice to be what we wanted rather than what society expected women to be.  She was the feminist who showed us how we can be as women.

I was walking home from the gym the other night, thinking of what she taught us, and I was in tears.  I never realised the impact of what Mum taught us had on my life.  It was truely a-mah-zing.  I only hope that what I teach my girls has such an impact on their lives.

I was only speaking with my Mum this morning, and chatting to her about this exact topic, and asked her what made her teach us about being independent.  She explained that it was her Mum (my Nonna Lucia – whom I am named after) taught her this, after she had to work while our Nonno was not well enough to work.  She did what she had to do to keep her family going, and in turn this changed the women in our family forever.  WOW.  I am so proud of Nonna, and what she has passed down to the generation of women.  She was a feminist in so many ways.  Doing what she had to do, and not worrying about what society said about what women should be doing! In her times, it would have taken lots of courage to do so!

So, after these conversations  I have to say that I am a feminist.   While it still feels a little weird to call my self a feminist, I am one, in my own way.   You know, without all that women who came before us and fought for women’s rights to be considered equal,  I would still be considered, well I am unsure what the word is, as I do not want to offend anyone out there, but I think I have to say “inferior”

Today, as a woman I have the CHOICE to be what I want.  I think that all that feminist stuff that occurred a long time ago, really comes down to giving women the CHOICE of doing what they want to do, rather than being told what you will do.  That’s my definition of feminism – having the choice!

So, what are your thoughts about feminism?  What does feminism mean to you?  Are you a feminist?  What impact has your Mum had on who you as a women?  Is feminism something of the past.

Til next time