Do I really need to give you a reason to see Magic Mike?

Welcome to Monday!  I have been thinking all day for a title for this post, and it centred around the reasons why you should go and see the movie Magic Mike.

Well, a few weeks ago, if you asked me what Magic Mike was I would have told you I did not know.  I was invited by a friend to go and see it a couple of weeks ago and accepted thinking it would be nice to go out with some friends to the movies on a Friday night.  So, after I accepted the invite I checked out the clips on the internet, and was intrigued to see what a ll the commotion was about.

I had no idea who Channing Tatum was before this movie, but I know a little more about him now.  This movie Magic Mike is loosely based on his year stripping yes, that rights stripping before he made it in Hollywood.

Well, we sat down to our movie, and I was not surprised to see that there were only 3 men in the cinema.   There were women of all ages in the almost packed cinema.  The movie started and then it started.  I mean when you get to see what Magic Mike does, I mean he is some mean dancer. I have never seen anyone move the way he moved on that stage where he worked Xquisite.  All the men’s moves were pretty impressive.  I remember a long time ago, seeing a stripper perform, and I thought this man is more interested in dancing than stripping but I ate my words in this movie, as I was more interested in their amazing moves.. OMG- OK – they had nice physiques as well!

Channing Tatum (image c/-

The movie had a pretty good storyline.  It gives you some insight into the world of strippers, and of Mike’s desires to doing what he dreams of – making unique furniture.  It makes you think are you really doing what you want to be doing.  You know the things that you think make you happy, are not really making you happy anymore.  Well, that is what I think the movie was trying to convey!  It was as though Mike was no longer Magic Mike.  He was looking for something else!

The movie had me laughing as well.  I can remember the scene back stage where the men are preparing for their performance. You know the typical strippers scene, men pumping some iron, having a few shots of alcohol, and you know pumping their private parts – totally hilarious – of course that is what strippers do right?  Its as if director Steven Soderbergh, is making a mockery of it all.

Now, I thought I would be much more interested in seeing Matthew McConaughey in this movie, but boy was I suprised!  Channing and the other younger characters, yes Matt Bomer, seemed to get much more air time, and they were much more appealing.

Matthew’s character Dallas, was like the retired stripper, with too much fake tan on.  Trying a little too hard, for my liking.  And you know there is always that token really old old stripper, that is unappealing and there was one of these in this movie as well.

 I was looking for some clips from the movie, when I stumbled upon this on Your Tube.  Watch it!  This was totally totally hilarious.

“CAUTION: Not recommended for anyone under 16.  At Magic Mike opening night. 6/29/12 – Fashion Valley AMC Theater, San Diego CA. The theater was at full capacity with women. INSANE. We had a BLAST! “

These were the comments, and you would understand when you watch the clip.  Thanks to socalgal619 on You Tube.

I will leave the ending for you to see.   One minute, you were watching the last scene, waiting for the next, but then it was over… A little short I thought!

Reel Movie Nation also has a great easy to read review on this movie, which you should read!  thanks Reel Movie Nation!

So, if you want to have a fun night out with your GF’s, have a laugh, and enjoy some man candy,  (How can you say no to that!) I suggest you go out an see this movie!  No Reason necessary…

So, have you gone to see this movie??  Did you take your BG/husband/partner??  What did you think?

Til next time…


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