Why is it so hard??? It is not me in the picture!

What is so hard, I am Not my Clothes? you ask!

So, not me.. I am not happy with myself or my credit card! (image c/- http://www.latesttechworld.com

Well,  its my credit card that is causing my grief this week.  The premise of this blog is to illustrate how I pay off my credit card fashionably of course, and to date, I have paid off a miserable $227.22. That’s right.. $227.00, sorry, I forgot the 22 cents.  I can hear you all out there.. and I feel the same way.. I am a little disappointed 😦

I have not been that responsible over the past 6  months checking my credit card statements, and I suppose I was a little to scared to see where I was at, and I am not sure what made me do it recently.. hmm, maybe this blog, as that is part of the reason that I am writing this.

I am happy that I have paid $1980.00 off my card over the past 6 months, but sadly, I have also spent nearly $1600…  It is so hard to write this post, and face this, but I will continue!

So, what have I spent it on, you ask?  I am very happy to say, that I have not purchased any clothes at ALL!!  Nice Lucia!  But the biggest culprit has been, and you would not believe it GROCERIES!!!  YES!!!  Groceries!  How boring… I have used my credit card after I had attempted to use my EFT card, and there has been no money in the account.  So, rather than be embarrassed and leave, or  transfer some money, I have just used my CC to make the payment, because it was so easy.  So, over the past 6 months this has amassed to about $700, and I have shared it with Coles, Myer, The butcher, Woolies and Kmart and the local petrol station.

The other culprit of this incident, is the good old Apple iTunes!  I have an iPhone and an iPad.  It is so easy to purchase apps, magazines (fashion ones of course), books and games for my daughter, that I did not realize that I spent $330.00 in the past 6 months.  In the back of my head, when I was making the purchases I knew what I was doing, but a $1 here, and a couple of bucks there, slowly added up to $330.00.. hmm.

Finally, interest has been the other factor in chewing up my money, totally $335.00.  This is something I knew I had to pay.. so, no biggy there.

I know you are adding the numbers up in your head to make sure that they equal and currently they don’t add up. So, with that I do make a regular donation to RSPCA that amounted to $100 over the 6 months, and then I had a couple of work expenses where I used my credit card as they did not take the corporate card that my company uses.  That equated to approx $250.  So, it all adds up!

So, with facing my credit card disappointment, and the lesson in being afraid to face my credit card and being financially responsible.  I have now made a few changes to hopefully help me reduce my credit card debt.

I have killed the credit card details on my iTunes account and when I have saved a little bit of money, I will purchase some of their voucher, which is a much better option.  I have cancelled my monthly donation to RSPCA.  I need it a little more than they do at the moment.  I have also changed my bank account to one of those debit credit card accounts, which will mean if I need to purchase something I can use my bank account rather than a credit card.  I also need to be more responsible that and check my bank account balance on a regular basis, so I do not get caught out doing the groceries again.

At the moment, I am feeling really deflated, cause I thought it would be easy to pay off my credit card and its really hard.  You have to be very focused and really want to reduce it.  I can say that I have been half interested, and as you can see  my half interested results!

At this point in the year, unless I win $10,000.00 to clear my debt or I create  some miracle, I think it might take a little longer than I expected to pay this off.  I have read articles similar to mine, and it has taken people a couple of years. I hope it does not take me this long, but hey, if that is how it happens, that is how it happens.

You know, I am not sure what you are experiencing in your world financially, but I am feeling a little like those European countries, you know, doing your best just to get through their financial situation, with the BIG hope that I will get through this.  It feels like all those years of prosperity, that I was part of is long gone, but the memories are still with me, because I am carrying this debt.

So, my questions today, how responsible are you with your finances??  Do you regularly look at your credit card/ bank account statements to understand where your money is going??  How do you manage your credit card debt.  Can you give me any tips??

Looks like I will have to start looking at some styling at more reasonable prices if I am going to reduce this debt… ie in 2013, maybe I can be the next Gok…

Til next time… Be awesome!!


4 responses to “Why is it so hard??? It is not me in the picture!

  1. Hey chicke, I went through the same thing, I took all those steps that you have taken except I chopped up my credit card till I paid it off then I reduced the amount down to $2000.00 the I got a new card. The debit card for me has been the best thing cause you still purchase online but your using your actually money. Anyway I hope things get better for you, I’m sure your doing the best you can another piece of advice is try not to feel bad about money or checking your bills do it knowing that you are the one in control and feel a sense of abundance is available to you and it will change how you feel about money. It’s a hard one I know I have been there. Best of luck sweetie.. Xx

  2. Hey cousin in law, whenever money was tight for me, I used to go through all of my stuff that I no longer used or wore anymore and sell it on eBay. You would be surprised at how much people will pay for your unwanted things, all it took was a little time and effort with taking good photos and writing a clear description. Selling on gumtree is also a winner, and free too!

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