Just spent 1/3 of my weekly budget already.. but Jaffa is gorge..

Orange bracelet from Sunday Social – $35


Sunday Social Orange Bracelet


Ok, so I work in Fortitude Valley, and get the opportunity to see lots of interesting stuff, to say the least, especially when it comes to fashion boutiques.

On my way back to the office, I dropped into Winn Lane, specifically Sunday Social, and looked around and I was looking for something… I had been in there a little while ago, and found this fabulous bracelet and I was looking for it again, it was not on the table where I last saw it. I must of looked a little weird, cause the lovely lady asked me if I was looking for something, and YES I was!.  I explained I was looking for a bracelet, I can not recall what it looked like, but if I saw it, I would know it was the one..  She told me that she something changes the merchandise, and then pulled “HER” out from the other counter.  That was it – yes, the picture above.. Not sure what to call her, yes, I do – “Jaffa”.  I tried it on and she fitted perfectly! I have this affection for bracelets, and stacking so this was the perfect addition to my family of arm candy.

So, with that I purchased her… It was $35 and a third of my budget gone.. 😦 and I only just got my budget out for the next week, so looks like I am going to be relatively poor over the coming week.  But hey that’s ok, because I now have this bracelet to wear and look at the beauty of it, when I am hungry… lol…  things we do for fashion..

Below is Jaffa with her new family Members..  She fits in perfectly..

Jaffa with the rest of her family, Tiffany, Coach & Mimco

Sunday Social in Winn Lane, is a wonderful little place.  That same lovely lady told me that the owner purchases all her items in San Fransisco, where her parents live.  She visits vintage stores and markets.  There are some great pieces.  Outside today, there was this wonderful leather skirt that looked like a denim skirt, which I loved.  When you are next in the Valley, you must check out Winn Lane, which has a great vibe, good cafe called flamingo with the most yummiest home made food!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


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