Where you been? what you been doing? What’s Happening??

First of all, I must thank Aiden from SATC for my title… Do any of you remember that scene from SATC, where Carie was getting a little annoyed after Aiden moved in?  Ok, so I am a little obsessed with SATC (its my thing), and its re-runs, even my 4 year old watches it with me.

So, where have I been?  What have I been doing and what’s happening in my life… Well, I can tell you all that I was a little scared off blogging after some comments got back to some people I love, and I was a little upset that those people had to deal with what I had wrote in my post.  It really upset me, and I did not want those people close to me to have to bear that, so thought it would be best to stop writing.

I did have intentions of returning on the 1st July after coming to terms with what was said, but procrastinated because it is challenging writing this blog, especially dealing with people’s feedback and the aftermath of my posts – being me.  I was inspired by 2 people  and some other things happening in my life that I decided to get back on the horse so to speak!

Firstly, the most amazing & inspiring person in my life – my husband Shane.  We were talking about goals and rewards earlier this week, and I had to take an action to write down something like 50 rewards that I would like as part of some coaching.  I replied to him, and said, why do I need rewards, I just get what I want when I want it, whatever it is (minus buying clothes).  Afterwards I got thinking, I really do not push myself enought to feel like I need to reward myself.

My life is pretty easy.  I have a wonderful family life – our girls are fantastic, I enjoy my work (at the moment anyway) and I get to do things that I want to.. You know,  I am what you call “cruising” through my life..  which is ok,  I suppose, but I want to be challenged (I think), test my boundaries, have goals, achieve them – REWARD MYSELF – uh, light bulb moment!!.  I can so see how I have avoided challenging myself because it is much easier to just cruise through life, but it goes without saying that there is a lack of fulfillment that I get on a regular basis.  It then dawned on me that I need to start challenging myself, you know accelerate my life, be the most awesome Lucia, and all those other inspiring things.

So, the second inspiration comes from another blogger, who I can not remember, she was a girl from the USA, who posts about dressing for less, sort of Who, what, wear, website with out all the pizzazz.  Well, she is now a full time blogger and had some tips for bloggers, and one of the tips resonated with me.. Have a tough skin.  Is that the phrase?  hmm, I am pretty sure that’s it.   I have been a little “scared” off by people’s comments, etc.  about the blog. So, I thought if this girl can do it, so can I

And with those 2 inspirations, here I am, back – I am not my clothes…and all you people out there.. this is just a way for me express myself, with a hint of fashion, and of course I forgot how I paid of my credit card.   Please if you have any comments, anything,  I encourage you to share them – I am not that scarey – raah!!!!(as my younger sister would say)

So, with that I will close my first returned post, over the coming weeks, I will share what I have been up to.. how my credit card debt it going, and of course share with you my other, other love… FASHION… I AM SO EXCITED…

Its good to be back!

PS – Here I am dining out with my husband earlier in June.. The anti-pasto was YUM!!!

Lucia Hiscock

I am back!!

Til next time, Be Good!


4 responses to “Where you been? what you been doing? What’s Happening??

  1. Shane Hiscock

    awesome blog babe, I’m looking forward to you challenging yourself and being the best Lucia ever (for yourself), your already the best to me. xoxo.

  2. Welcome back babe – glad your writing again!

  3. It alway feels good to believe you can work towards being the best human being that you possible can be and the reward is for the discipline, sacrifice and hard work at doing just that.. Xx

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