Thank-you Mimco twice.. and can I have it forever??

So, it i has been a couple of weeks since I have posted something for all of you avid readers out there.  It has been a couple of busy couple of weeks for me – Easter, April’s Christening, public holidays, GF’s having beautiful babies.. :).

Me & husband were FINALLY lucky enough to get some “us” time on ANZAC Day.  The girls Nan, looked after them while we went down to Hastings Street, Noosa for some “us” time.

To our surprise, most of the shops were open.  It was after 1pm, and it is a holiday destination, so I should not have really been that surprised at all.  We wandered down the street, and stepped in Mimco, cause I had noticed on Tuesday night that my Jazz Teacher, was wearing a really cool Mimco wristlet.  You know me and my obsession with all things that go on my left wrist.    I wanted to check it out and see how much it would cost.

Now, I did find the wristlet , called “Memento”, but it was only avaliable in that store in black, which I so dearly steer clear from, brings back memories of my Mum saying “widows only wear black”.  I kept looking while the lovely sales assistant checked whether it was available at the Queens Street Store.

While waiting I stumbled upon this neon coloured piece… I just had to have it… have a look at Mimco’s Galaxy Limits bracelet


Me and my husband nearly died when we saw the price just $14.95, reduced from $59.95.  Yes, that is right, Mimco were selling this at $60, I could not believe this price, but I suppose people paid it, or maybe not and that is why it is on sale as such a reduced price.

I loved it, and so did my eldest daughter, who when I showed her my new bracelet,  she said, “Mummy, can I wear this forever”… which I laughed.  She wore it for a while, but was too big… Lucky me, for now..

But not only was I going to get this bracelet for a bargain price of $14.95, but if I joined the MimCollective, I would get a $30 voucher to spend on my next purchase.

Fast forward to Thursday, yes the very next day, and I found myself down at the Mimco Queens Street store, scoping out my Pink Memento wristlet… and I found not just 1 but 2, and I was going to use my $30 gift voucher to buy them.

Here are the wristlets that I purchased.

Mimco Memento Wrist - pink


Mimco Memeto Wrist - Milky Way

These wristlets are crafted from sturdy elastic with Mimco logo disc in silver plated pewter.   They little gals cost $19.95 each and come in a variety of colours.

Since I purchased 2, and used my $30 gift voucher, it only cost me $9.95 – I am impressed Mimco, thank you so much for the voucher.

I am already eying of one of their chunky necklaces for my next next purchase. lol..PS – While I was waiting in que for my purchase,the girl in front of me , had her wallet, bag and necklace, all Mimco, and she was buying a pair of ear-rings – WOW a Mimco addict.

What do you think of my purchases???  Are you a Mimco addict?? or addicted to any other designer??

til next time… Be Good!



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