If I were not paying of my CC, I would serously buy this, you have to stop me…

So, I am so tempted to purchase this bag, it is really not so funny. If I did not make this commitment to pay off my credit card debt on this blog, I would more than likely to have purchased this, or found some way to justify why I needed this totally beautiful & practical bag.  Check this baby out from my friends at J.Crew.  She is called the Biennial Satchel

J.Crew - Biennial Satchel

J.Crew - Biennial Satchel - Side View

J.Crew - Biennial Satchel

Maybe, I am so desperate for this bag, cause I am sorta over my current work bag that I am currently carrying. I have had it now for over a year, and I am started to thinkg what else I could get – well, in my dreams anyway.

I will let J.Crew have the honours of describing this very practical and beautiful bag. Take it away J.Crew… well, Lucia…(and you have to imagine the deep voice of the announcer)

“We’re head over heels for the perfect proportions of this luxe satchel. Crafted in supple pebbled leather, this sleek two-handle bag—a design team pick—has enough room for a mini-laptop, your lipstick and even your little cashmere cardigan. It’s just what we’ve always wanted: a can-do carryall with effortless elegance. Zip closure. Brass-finish hardware. Interior patch pocket. Cotton twill lining. Comes with dust bag. Import. 6″ handle drop. 11″H x 16″W x 7″D.”

I could not describe it better, only to say that it looks really practical, in that you can fit things in different sections, I would love to be more organised with my bags.

It comes in myriad of colours, red, black, camel and white.  I quite like the white one as well, but thought the camel is more wearable, both for work and life outside of work.  At $AUD 485.00 plus some postage, I would classify this bag, as an Oroton price range, which is not too bad, considering that it is almost a classic style bag, which would be pretty versatile.

what do you think?  Would you purchase this lovely bag?

Anyway,.. I must stay way from this bag… til next time.




5 responses to “If I were not paying of my CC, I would serously buy this, you have to stop me…

  1. This is nice. I want one in black.

  2. The Daily Fashionista

    Pretty but pricey! I’m sure you can find something better priced and than you would be able to buy it and enjoy it without the guilt 😉

  3. Hi Daily Fashionista, thanks for your comment… if I were not paying off my CC, this is definitely a bag I would get. I can justify the price, it is totally versatile bag… just need to wait it out til the end of the year.. and after my cc is paid off…

  4. If you fancy the red color, it’s on sale now for $239 (final sale), + 40% off with the OURTREAT code!

  5. Sorry, 289 I think, but still substantial savings!

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