If I weren’t paying off my CC, I would SO buy these..

So, the season is starting to get a little cooler – yeaahhh!, and I am feeling that I need to get a pair of boots.  Now you all know that a new pair of shoes is off my list, so I would love to share these shoes I found, that I would SO would be buying if I did not have this gawd dam credit card debt.

So, introducing – the L.K Bennett (London) Dolly Shoe Boot.  Isn’t she just fabulous!!!

L.K Bennett - Dolly Shoe Boot

I came across this brand via a US blogger who was letting us know that L.K Bennett were opening a store in NYC.  I checked out their on-line site and the first thing I do is check out their shipping info.  And yes, they do ship to Australia.  While the shipping a is little on the expensive side, at approx $70 AUD, I could justify it for a pair of shoes, if I were in a buying situation.

Yes, so thank you to my work friend, who pointed out that I should include the price.  A little on the exey side for those budget conscious,  these shoes are approx $376 AUD. but all worth not eating for maybe a while, or you could almost live a week or 2 on 2 minute noodles, a 5 pack is about $3.  Something to think about..

Here is a description of the shoes from the L.K.Bennett website:

“This laser cut peep toe shoe boot is set upon a 120mm high heel.  The laser cutting process renders an upper that is flexible, comfortable and moulds to the foot.  The lace-up detailing gives Dolly a strong fashion attitude. Available in Black and Tan Vegetan Leather.”

This pair of shoes are the perfect, I say perfect trans-seasonal shoe.  Perfect with jeans, on the weekend, perfect for that dress and pencil skirt.  I just keep picking all these perfect shoes.  Are there any shoes out there that are not perfect?  It takes me back to the episode of SATC, and Carrie just druels over a pair of pink shoes while window shopping with Samantha, which I am sure are MB’s, you know the scene out of the last episode of Season 4, just before Miranda gives birth to her baby boy.  I so wish I could find the scene on you tube, but just can not seem to find it.  You will just have to imagine the scene in your head.

You know that feeling you get when you find a new pair of those perfect shoes.  You just imagine taking them walking and how proud and tall they make you feel. You hear yourself say “I am every WOMEN”, I can hear the sound of Whitney’s voice, as I write this.  You feel that bit of confidence that that height gives you walking down the street.. Let’s take you walking Dolly… well in my dreams anyway…

So, please someone out there make me feel better today, please let me know if you purchase these shoes…

til next time… Be good!!!


One response to “If I weren’t paying off my CC, I would SO buy these..

  1. LOL you crack me up! Cute boots but sadly not practical in this hot weather on this side of the world or in my state 😉

    By the way…I am dragging Bill along to a Christian Louboutain event on Monday where he will be signing shoes. If you were here I would be taking you! Maybe that could be considered a special exception to your rule. 😉


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