Not so Hungry for The Hunger Games..

So, My husband & I had a date night on Saturday night, Shane’s Mum kindly looked after the girls, so we can have some time together.  Shane’s Mum also kindly lent us her lovely convertible car, and we drove in luxury down to Hastings Street, Noosa for some coffee, well, Hot chocolate & cake just before our movie.

Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson (image care of CNN)

I wanted to go and see “The Hunger Games” because I heard it was a must see movie for 2012.  Now, I knew that it was going to be something like those other movies, what are they called? uh, that”s right, hmm,  Twilight – I think.  Now, from this you can make a safe assumption that I am not into these sci-fi movies, just don’t get them..

But, we had to go and check this one out.  We lined up to get our tickets at the local Noosa cinema’s.  We waited longer to purchase our drink and pop-corn, than to purchase our tickets.  We kept ourselves and the girl in front of us amused while we waited.  We got our munchies and sat down just in time for the movie.

I thought the Hunger Games was a little slow to start, and I did not know most of the characters, only that one of the males characters was the younger brother of an actor who was in Home & Away.  lol

The main character Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence), what I thought was a cool name, played her role awesomely (if that’s a word).  I could even think about being her.  She was very strong character but there was also this innocence to her, and she had this warmth about her.

The only other characters that I knew were Woody Harrelson, everyone knows Woody.  Lenny Kravitz, who wore some fantastic eye-liner. and finally, Stanley Tucci, who plays Caesar Flickerman, he is the fashion editor from the Devil Wears Prada.

Now, I would tell you to go and see this movie, because it did have me on the edge of my seat for the whole time.  You were never sure what was going to happen to Katniss.

I could only explain this movie as an extreme “Big Brother” reality TV show, with the most tragic thing a human could ever do.  That is kill each other.  And it is teenagers killing each other, all for a bit of entertainment of others.  It is pretty crazy.  I am not sure what people are liking about this part of the movie.  I cried for about 5 minutes after seeing one of the younger characters die.  Maybe, it is because I have children, I am not sure, it was just so devastating.

My husband liked to compare it to the days of Rome and the Colosseum.  Where they would let humans fight all sorts of animals, and see who comes out the best.

The one thing that I did like was the costumes.  Totally, loved Katniss’s fire dress, and all the colorful costumes that the Panemer’s wore.  They were o-so-colorful, with their quiff hair styles, reminiscent of 1800’s fashion

As much as you can predict the ending, the movie is a must see, cause everyone is talking about it, what for you ask??  I am not sure, because it really made me feel ill in many parts, that someone could even conceive such a story and make a movie.

I do remember hearing someone’s comments, that this movie sort of portrays the way human society views reality TV these days.  I think the example they used was Kim Kardashian and her short lived wedding.  If something like that ever happened to a un-recognised person, people would have a lot of sympathy for both, but with reality TV stars, we just shoot them down in flames.  It could almost be compared to a society killing, and now those people have gone into hiding.. quite sad when you reflect on it.  I think the movie can portray the craziness of human ego, sometimes it just goes to far.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth today.  I know it is a little off topic today.  I could make it relate by telling you, that the clothes that I was wearing to my local movies, were clothes that I wore when I was pregnant.. meaning that they were still stylish and very comfy…but maybe not for the camera.. come on, sometimes you have to have one of those days….

So, are you going to see “The Hunger Games” ?  If you have seen it, what did you think??  If you haven’t yet, is it on your list of movies to see, or wait til you can get it on DVD..

Til next time… Be Good.



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