If I weren’t paying off my CC, I would buy this…

Squared enamel-link bracelet

J Crew - Squared enamel-link bracelet

WOW – how beautiful is this bracelet!  When I saw it I just had to post it.  I am very tempted to purchase it, especially because til the end of April J Crew will ship to you for free.. That is right, they will.  But because I am committed to not using my CC, I will refrain, and hopefully one of you out there will make the purchase.

As you would be aware, I am slightly obsessed with bracelets, I think I have always been.  I can remember buying my first gold bangle, and today I still have it.  This piece would be a perfect compliment to my collection, and at $82.80, it is a little on the expensive side, but I am sure that I would get the wear out of it, and it is made in Russia, now that says something, doesnt it… lol

I was very excited this morning to receive my email from J Crew, because it was telling me that they now ship internationally and in April they will ship to you for free.  J Crew has been a favourite of mine for a long time, but it was always a no go because they do not ship to Australia.  So, now as soon as I pay off my Credit card, I will be visiting J Crew to make a few purchases.

I have pinned this on my Pinterest as well.  For all you people out there, you must join Pinterest.  It is totally fabulous and I have found my latest obsessio, and believe you me it is going to be bigger than facebook… Get on to band wagon now….


Be Good…



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