If I was not paying off my CC, I would by these…OMG

So, it has been a while, can I use the excuse that I have been busy managing a data centre, while a person has been sick for 2 weeks.  Loads of fun – NOT! .. Anyway, I have loads to write about this week, & lots has been happening, but I will start the week with a pair of totally fabulous shoes…

You know, I get loads of emails every day from on-line fashion sites, and these really caught my eye.. check them out…

Bernardo Vintage Couture - Jingle Bells Sandal Flat-Gold

I know you are all shouting, Lucia we are going into winter, we want to see  boots, but I really think you could make this purchase, wear them now for a little while and have them ready for SS12/13…  OMG,  I am thinking ahead here, use some of my money now, and have them ready for summer… pretty smart I think – LOL.. They are the perfect shoe for those long dresses or skirts, try with your cut off jeans, I would even wear them to a beach wedding, or even if I was getting married again at the beach (and I would marry Shane again of course)

It seems this sandal and its designer have a little bit of history.

Article from Harper's Bazaar - April 2011

It seems these shoes have been inspired  by the 60’s, and the designer Bernardo Vintage Couture re-introduced 14 new styles from that era.

“Fashion, innovation, and a great artistic balance of form and function are what Bernardo has stood for since architect Bernard Rudofsky’s first collection in 1946.  Credited with the invention of women’s modern-day sandals.  Rudofsky’s transcendent, ground-breaking designs merged style and elegance while freeing the foot.”  These lovely collection of sandals are made in Italy.

I feel a little behind the times, as it seems these were big overseas just over a year ago, with the likes of Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, New York Times raving about them in April last year… All, I can say is WOW, these are awesome, you must get a pair.

Our friends at Madison Los Angeles stock these cool sandals, and they will ship internationally.. So, get a pair now.  They will set you back $295, I know I hear you again, it is a little expensive for sandals, but believe you me, you will get so much wear out of these spunky shoes, and you will be the envy of all your friends..

Til next time… Be Good!!!



2 responses to “If I was not paying off my CC, I would by these…OMG

  1. You should try an make a pair…..

  2. not a bad idea, Linda… Not sure that I have a pair of shoes that I could do that too… Do you have a pair…. how are you at being creative???

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