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If I weren’t paying off my CC, I would SO buy these..

So, the season is starting to get a little cooler – yeaahhh!, and I am feeling that I need to get a pair of boots.  Now you all know that a new pair of shoes is off my list, so I would love to share these shoes I found, that I would SO would be buying if I did not have this gawd dam credit card debt.

So, introducing – the L.K Bennett (London) Dolly Shoe Boot.  Isn’t she just fabulous!!!

L.K Bennett - Dolly Shoe Boot

I came across this brand via a US blogger who was letting us know that L.K Bennett were opening a store in NYC.  I checked out their on-line site and the first thing I do is check out their shipping info.  And yes, they do ship to Australia.  While the shipping a is little on the expensive side, at approx $70 AUD, I could justify it for a pair of shoes, if I were in a buying situation.

Yes, so thank you to my work friend, who pointed out that I should include the price.  A little on the exey side for those budget conscious,  these shoes are approx $376 AUD. but all worth not eating for maybe a while, or you could almost live a week or 2 on 2 minute noodles, a 5 pack is about $3.  Something to think about..

Here is a description of the shoes from the L.K.Bennett website:

“This laser cut peep toe shoe boot is set upon a 120mm high heel.  The laser cutting process renders an upper that is flexible, comfortable and moulds to the foot.  The lace-up detailing gives Dolly a strong fashion attitude. Available in Black and Tan Vegetan Leather.”

This pair of shoes are the perfect, I say perfect trans-seasonal shoe.  Perfect with jeans, on the weekend, perfect for that dress and pencil skirt.  I just keep picking all these perfect shoes.  Are there any shoes out there that are not perfect?  It takes me back to the episode of SATC, and Carrie just druels over a pair of pink shoes while window shopping with Samantha, which I am sure are MB’s, you know the scene out of the last episode of Season 4, just before Miranda gives birth to her baby boy.  I so wish I could find the scene on you tube, but just can not seem to find it.  You will just have to imagine the scene in your head.

You know that feeling you get when you find a new pair of those perfect shoes.  You just imagine taking them walking and how proud and tall they make you feel. You hear yourself say “I am every WOMEN”, I can hear the sound of Whitney’s voice, as I write this.  You feel that bit of confidence that that height gives you walking down the street.. Let’s take you walking Dolly… well in my dreams anyway…

So, please someone out there make me feel better today, please let me know if you purchase these shoes…

til next time… Be good!!!


Not so Hungry for The Hunger Games..

So, My husband & I had a date night on Saturday night, Shane’s Mum kindly looked after the girls, so we can have some time together.  Shane’s Mum also kindly lent us her lovely convertible car, and we drove in luxury down to Hastings Street, Noosa for some coffee, well, Hot chocolate & cake just before our movie.

Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson (image care of CNN)

I wanted to go and see “The Hunger Games” because I heard it was a must see movie for 2012.  Now, I knew that it was going to be something like those other movies, what are they called? uh, that”s right, hmm,  Twilight – I think.  Now, from this you can make a safe assumption that I am not into these sci-fi movies, just don’t get them..

But, we had to go and check this one out.  We lined up to get our tickets at the local Noosa cinema’s.  We waited longer to purchase our drink and pop-corn, than to purchase our tickets.  We kept ourselves and the girl in front of us amused while we waited.  We got our munchies and sat down just in time for the movie.

I thought the Hunger Games was a little slow to start, and I did not know most of the characters, only that one of the males characters was the younger brother of an actor who was in Home & Away.  lol

The main character Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence), what I thought was a cool name, played her role awesomely (if that’s a word).  I could even think about being her.  She was very strong character but there was also this innocence to her, and she had this warmth about her.

The only other characters that I knew were Woody Harrelson, everyone knows Woody.  Lenny Kravitz, who wore some fantastic eye-liner. and finally, Stanley Tucci, who plays Caesar Flickerman, he is the fashion editor from the Devil Wears Prada.

Now, I would tell you to go and see this movie, because it did have me on the edge of my seat for the whole time.  You were never sure what was going to happen to Katniss.

I could only explain this movie as an extreme “Big Brother” reality TV show, with the most tragic thing a human could ever do.  That is kill each other.  And it is teenagers killing each other, all for a bit of entertainment of others.  It is pretty crazy.  I am not sure what people are liking about this part of the movie.  I cried for about 5 minutes after seeing one of the younger characters die.  Maybe, it is because I have children, I am not sure, it was just so devastating.

My husband liked to compare it to the days of Rome and the Colosseum.  Where they would let humans fight all sorts of animals, and see who comes out the best.

The one thing that I did like was the costumes.  Totally, loved Katniss’s fire dress, and all the colorful costumes that the Panemer’s wore.  They were o-so-colorful, with their quiff hair styles, reminiscent of 1800’s fashion

As much as you can predict the ending, the movie is a must see, cause everyone is talking about it, what for you ask??  I am not sure, because it really made me feel ill in many parts, that someone could even conceive such a story and make a movie.

I do remember hearing someone’s comments, that this movie sort of portrays the way human society views reality TV these days.  I think the example they used was Kim Kardashian and her short lived wedding.  If something like that ever happened to a un-recognised person, people would have a lot of sympathy for both, but with reality TV stars, we just shoot them down in flames.  It could almost be compared to a society killing, and now those people have gone into hiding.. quite sad when you reflect on it.  I think the movie can portray the craziness of human ego, sometimes it just goes to far.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth today.  I know it is a little off topic today.  I could make it relate by telling you, that the clothes that I was wearing to my local movies, were clothes that I wore when I was pregnant.. meaning that they were still stylish and very comfy…but maybe not for the camera.. come on, sometimes you have to have one of those days….

So, are you going to see “The Hunger Games” ?  If you have seen it, what did you think??  If you haven’t yet, is it on your list of movies to see, or wait til you can get it on DVD..

Til next time… Be Good.


If I weren’t paying off my CC, I would buy this…

Squared enamel-link bracelet

J Crew - Squared enamel-link bracelet

WOW – how beautiful is this bracelet!  When I saw it I just had to post it.  I am very tempted to purchase it, especially because til the end of April J Crew will ship to you for free.. That is right, they will.  But because I am committed to not using my CC, I will refrain, and hopefully one of you out there will make the purchase.

As you would be aware, I am slightly obsessed with bracelets, I think I have always been.  I can remember buying my first gold bangle, and today I still have it.  This piece would be a perfect compliment to my collection, and at $82.80, it is a little on the expensive side, but I am sure that I would get the wear out of it, and it is made in Russia, now that says something, doesnt it… lol

I was very excited this morning to receive my email from J Crew, because it was telling me that they now ship internationally and in April they will ship to you for free.  J Crew has been a favourite of mine for a long time, but it was always a no go because they do not ship to Australia.  So, now as soon as I pay off my Credit card, I will be visiting J Crew to make a few purchases.

I have pinned this on my Pinterest as well.  For all you people out there, you must join Pinterest.  It is totally fabulous and I have found my latest obsessio, and believe you me it is going to be bigger than facebook… Get on to band wagon now….


Be Good…


Oh Yes, whats my CC status..

Ok, I have a few posts to catch up on, and for some reason I have forgotten to let you know what has been happening with my credit card, as that is a primary point of my blog

As of today, my current credit card balance is $2,798.05.  WOW – how has she reduced her balance you ask?… Well, I wish it was legitimately down at this amount, but is it not.

Have you heard about low interest credit cards?  Well, with my current credit card, at some ridiculous interest rate, I had to think of a way to reduce the amount of interest I was paying every month, and “Wol-la” I did a search in Google, for low-rate credit cards and found this site Credit Card Finder

From here, I was able to find the card that has 0.99% PA interest for the next 12 months.  So, I applied for a St George Vertigo Card, and was able to transfer the bulk of my balance to the card, which by the way I very timidly cut up the other week, to avoid me using it.

St George Vertigo Credit Card

I have now just saved my self, well I am not sure but I think it is the difference between paying around 20% to 0.99% PA for my debt…  Brillant…  I am so excited to have made this move.

I must say that it is a little more challenging with transferring the money from our regular bank to St George, and their log on process for internet banking is a little old, but I will not complain because I am saving myself loads.

I must confess, that I did use my credit card to make a purchase for my Daughter’s – Olivia and April.  I love getting a bargin from international on-line retailers when they have their winter sales.  I spent just on $300 to get Olivia some clothes for winter.  Little April, will be lucky enough to get some of Olivia’s 1 year old winter wardrobe, which I must say is still pretty cool.

Anyway, my next blog is way cool… I have some awesome news to share…

Til then… Be good!



No Cash, My Mum & still trying to plez? Maybe not after this…

So, we (my husband and I) have been faced with a temporary cash flow blimp over the past few weeks.  My husband is building a new business, and while he is doing this, I am working to support the growth of the business and our family.

We hit a point the other week where we were literally left cashless, and at that point I spoke to my parents and asked if they would kindly provide some support to help us get through, until we finalised the sale of an investment property.   My parents agreed, as I was a little upset (crying on the phone to my Mum) of the prospect of having no money.

My awesome parents @ my Wedding 2006.

My Mum then went into Mother mode, and started to tell me that my husband needed to get a job, and he needed to support the family, you know all that usual motherly advice.  Now, I am a little slow off the mark with responding to people’s comments, even my Mum’s.  You know she is my Mum, you listen to them, and what they say.  I did listen to what she said, and went back to my husband and we set a stop dead date of when he needed to start looking for a income paying job or something.

I had 2 sets of conversations with 2 of the people that I love most in my life.  In classic Luchi style, I was caught up in my idea of “keeping people happy” and it was initially a big challenge to have 2 of the people you love most, telling you what is best to do…  OMG – I was torn, I had no idea what to do.  I was not really stressed about the money, more about which way to go

I instantly thought to myself, do I keep my mother happy, and keep in line her ideal’s of life, and that the best thing is to have a job, pay off you mortgage and just be a regular every day person.

Now, my mother’s ideal of life is to have a job.  All because she was not able to work full time, as she had 5 children to look after, and she also had other things happening which meant she could not work.  I know from past conversations with her, it was her dream to hold down a job, but it just was not possible.  So, her dream for me and my husband is just to have a job.  So, my husband not having a regular job, well, it does not fit into her ideal’s of a life, and you know she is older than me, and knows about life, so she likes to tell me  :).  “Lucia, that is all there is in life, you get a job, work and pay off your mortgage”

On the other my  husband is working to build a future for us and our 2 beautiful girls.  He is working his butt off, so that we can have a future with financial freedom.  As much as he has agreed with our drop dead date of getting a regular job, he is determined to create a business that provides an income for his family.   He is against getting a job again, because one he does not envisage working for someone else and could not bear to think about it, after working for a large corporate for many years.

We have been working for 2.5 years at building this business, and we do not want to give up and give in, when we have come so far.  We are building our dream, a dream that inspires us to be bigger people. Live life, you know that stuff that makes you get all nervous…

So, here I am, feeling torn between 2 lovers… is that a song?.. hmm, not sure.  But, the point I am getting to it has been a real challenge for me, as I have this MASSIVE story of keeping my Mum happy.  Even talking to my husband today, about “what if” we get to the end of the time when he said he would commit, and something does not happen and I have to tell my Mum… Yeshhh… just thinking about it gives me a head ache, I get all hot and sweatty… it is not a feeling that I like.

Then my memory brought back this situation, when I was way younger, well not too young, lets so 20.   It was my first serious boyfriend, and I told my Mum, that I was staying the night at his place.  Man, did she go mental, calling me some not so nice words.. she got rather upset with me.  I stood my ground and told her I was staying there.  What she said rather upset me, big time and I suppose I am putting the past in my future even today.  Thinking that if I upset my Mum, she will be really upset with me, maybe even nasty, and may hurt me again by what she may say.  It funny is it that your mind can recall situations for long ago.   I suppose thinking about it now, I was brought up in a “Italian culture: in good old Kingsgrove, Sydney, and led a pretty sheltered life.   Mum obviously was trying to protect me from the big bad world of boyfriends, maybe she did not know what to do, I am not sure, maybe that is a conversation to have next with her.

Anyway, now that I have cleared that up in my head.  I feel a lot better.  I have to have some balls, and be the best “Lucia” there is.  I may not please everyone, esp my Mum, at times, but this is the life that I want to live.   I want to dream big, do things that I never thought I could possibly achieve, like having an awesome husband, and 2 beautiful girls – well, I have achieved that!.  Dreaming of living in NYC, being creative, writing for a living, having my own fashion lifestlye brand, that is internationally recognized – now that is big!  Learning to play the piano, taking photos of dead trees (Shane always laughs at that). Teaching my daughters about life, and seeing them experience life.  They are just some of the things that inspire me.  Did I forget to mention working as a team to build my husbands business, sorry babe…:)

I always remember this saying from a girl at high school.  She died of a rare lung condition when we were in Year 12.  The front of her booklet at her funeral read “Reach for your Dreams”, and that is what I want to do, and nothing is going to stop me…

Anyway, on another note, I spoke to my Mum the following day, and let her know that I did not appreciate that she was so negative, and that Shane and I are building our dream, and we are going to get it.  I stood up for myself, to my Mum.. Wow – I do surprise myself sometimes… She accepted what I had to say, and then went on with some issues she was facing.  We said goodbye and that was the end of the conversation, so I thought.

The next day, she called me and said, Lucia I just want to apologize for being a “wet blanket yesterday”.  She went onto to explain that she was facing her own things yesterday, and that was giving her stress, and that was why she was a little negative with me.  I accepted her apology and listened to what was causing her stress the day before.  We spoke about it, and a few days later, her stress was gone as the situation was all sorted.

So, my lesson from this is you really have to be comfortable with who you are in life, there has to be a deep comfort.  A deepness to who you are and where you are going on your life journey.   You must express yourself for who you are.  You know, be a “portal” for the awesomeness of “you” to  shine through.  thanks Eckhart for your lovely word.

This is my second lesson of not taking things personally, even by your Mum.  Things happen in peoples lives, that make them see things in their way, in what they think is the right way.  I saw this saying, “there is no right way, only what is right for you.”.  I really love this.

I have learnt that you have to have balls and be strong for what you believe in, and not to let anyone let you waiver from that.  I have to accept that I may not always keep people happy, and that is ok.  I have to make sure that I am happy.  This is a BIG  lesson for me, as I have spent a lot of my life believing that if you keep people happy you will be happy, and I truely believe this is SO wrong..  let me tell you, that I know this one thing for sure.

So, my questions for you today is, do you try to keep your family happy, whether it is going to Uni, having the job, they expect you to have, marry the person you think you should marry?  Why is it that we put other people’s happiness before ours??

Anyway, til next time… Be Good!!!

If I were not paying off my CC, I would buy these NOW…

If I were not paying off my CC, I would buy these NOW….

If I were not paying off my CC, I would buy these NOW…

Be quick!!!  I just read an email from Chicdowntown, another on-line website that I love and found these shoes – Manolo Blahnik Mirreni Red Slingback Sandals – ON SALE!!!

Manolo Blahnik - Mirreni Red Slingback Sandals

Manolo Blahnik - Mirreni Red Slingback Sandals

Yes, I know these are another sandal, when here in Brissie we are moving into a cooler season, but when you can get Manolo Blahnik’s for $189, yes that is right $189.00 reduced from $620, you should get a pair.  Now, you are asking are they real??  Yes, I fully trust this site, I have purchased designer items from here before and they are all authentic.

These are the perfect colour combination for almost any outfit you wear..  Jeans, dresses, shorts… They are almost the perfect shoe, for a little while til you find the next pair… arnt I cheeky.

Til my next post…. Be Good!!!