If I were not paying off my CC, I would buy this…

Alicia Lund of Cheetah Is The New Black in Gap Cotton funnel-neck jacket

So, it has been a pretty quiet week, so decided that I must go looking for something to buy – NOT!!  Maybe, find that something I would but if I did not have my lovely credit card debt.

So, I have started to think about the cooler weather arriving soon, not that I am not enjoying the last parts of summer..  Makes me laugh, I have been listening to my audiobook on my way to work,  about living in the present, and have been trying to do that – it can be challenging, and here I am thinking about wearing clothing in the future, something that is just made up. anyway, back to my post.

So, I receive an email from Who What Wear, and they were promoting their collaboration with GAP, and other fashion influencers.  My pic of the bunch, was sadly not the girls from WWW, but from Style Blogger Alicia Lund of Cheetah Is The New Black (http://www.cheetahisthenewblack.com/).

I totally love the ensemble she is wearing especially the Gap Washed Funnel-neck jacket. I totally heart the way that she has put the leather pants together with this jacket, and the accessories are totally to die for… love the mix of yellow gold on her wrists combined with her necklace… I would so love to pull of this outfit, and imagine myself walking in Brisbane… well, I would much prefer walking the streets of NYC, but that is yet another story…

This is the perfect trans-seasonal jacket!

Gap cotton funnel-neck jacket

This Cotton funnel-neck  jacket is a reasonable, no fantastic price @ AUD $88.60, plus some shipping you can get away with a jacket less than $150.  OR unless you were cheeky like me and decided that you will also check out Piperlime for some accessories as well…- well that was the old me, anyway…

Get yours now!

Til next time… Be good….


Images care of http://www.styled-by.com


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