How dare she ignore me! Am I just as guilty???

So, I had a very quiet weekend just gone, got the opportunity to look after my 2 daughters the whole weekend while my husband was out on some education with “speaker man Shaune”, and my youngest turned “1”.

Seeing that we are now managing with 1 car, we had to drop of Shane before going to ballet.  My daughter Olivia attends classes every Saturday morning.  Liv Loves Ballet.  We arrive, Miss Jo, collects our Tiny Tots, and April and I keep ourselves amused while Liv is off dancing.   Over the past year, I have got to become acquainted with some of the parents.

All went well with the class, Olivia came out with her sticker, and was very happy.  We decided that we would stop off at the local shops and get some bread, ham & stop off for a cappuccino.

We arrived at the coffee shop, and we were all having our drinks, when I noticed one of the Mum’s from ballet walk into the coffee shop.  She placed her order, and was waiting for it.  Now, I am sure that she noticed me while I was sitting there with my girls, but she looked away…  Now, I walked past her 2 more times and still no smile or hello.  I looked at her, but for some reason I must of drawn a blank with her. I did not understand, why didn’t she say hello or smile??

Did she see me?  Was she ignoring me?  Why was she ignoring me?  It got me thinking why are human’s scared of each other???

Later that afternoon I was speaking to my Mum about it, and she just calmly said maybe she didn’t see you Lucia.   How could she have not seen me, Mum? I replied.  I walked past her twice, and we were not exactly the quietest family in the small coffee shop.  It is ok, Lucia, my Mum replied.   She later rang back to see if I was ok with it all (I must of seemed upset for her to call back), and she told me that it is ok, if she didn’t say hello, maybe she just had something else on her mind.  Then my Mum said something that she seldoms says to me. “Lucia, you know that I  love you”.  Thanks Mum!  That seemed to make me feel better.   Anyway, back to my story.

After my conversation with my Mum, I thought back to a situation earlier  in the week, and a similar experience popped into my mind.

I was on the bus on my way to work, the bus arrives at the bus stop and I notice a work acquaintance waiting at the bus stop.  Now, I  pretended that I did not see this person.  I was SO involved with my audio book, that I did not even acknowledge him – pretty sad hey.  After the bus left, I started thinking should I have waved? would he have seen me?  How bad is it that I did not smile, no, I just ignored this person. Would I say something next time I saw him?  So, what stopped me from acknowledging him and why don’t people acknowledge each other.

I think it could be fear.  Fear of looking like a git if you wave at someone and they do not acknowledge you.  Fear that people will see you acknowledging someone and them not seeing you.  You, know it is like when you wave at someone and they do not see you, and half way thru the wave you quickly bring your hand back down, sort of to say I was not really waving at you.  Lol – I have had many of those experiences.  It is as though you feel embarrassed for waving.  How funny is that!  Crazy hey..

Now back to the Ballet Mum who apparently did not see me or my girls, whom she sees every week. I think she is more of a case of genuinely not seeing me.  She is was there with her son, and seemed keen on getting her coffee.  Maybe she was having a stressful day, or thinking about getting back to her daughters one time, all the while thinking what she needs to get ready for dinner.

After this post, I know that I will communicate with other humans, even if it is just a smile or a wave or a conversation.  We are all part of the same thing, on this fantastic universe.

So, my question for you all today is, Do you see people that you know or are acquainted, whom you ignore or too scared to say hello, smile or even wave?  Come on everyone lets be honest with yourself.  or is it just me who does this??

Til next time…. Be Good!!



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