CC under $10k, and free accessories

So, I have some wonderful news to share with you all, my credit card is now under $10,000.00, to be exact the current balance is $9,869.51 WOOHOO – just a little excited!!  I am in the process of finalising something which will will  help me pay my debt off quicker and I will share it with you once it is finalised.

I went to work the other day, you know the one, just your usual day getting to work, setting up your laptop, and getting into your day.

I had a lovely surprise when the GF who sits next to me at work, tells me how she was clearing out her wardrobe on the weekend, and then she produces this bag of bracelets, and said ” Here are some bracelets that you can have, I know that you are trying to not spend, and thought you might like them”

My new bangles

WOW – that is just the nicest gesture from my GF.  I was really thankful that she thought of me.  Now, the bangles she gave me (above) are really cool, and as soon as she gave them to me, I started thinking of what I could wear them with.  I have a Baby Shower on the weekend and I think I will wear them then… I was really excited, and still am.  It is sort of that high when you buy something, and because they were kindly given to me, it left me with an even better feeling, just because of the thought of my GF.  It was really lovely!

Anyway,  I have been thinking of ways in which I can still get things with out spending my money or the banks money, and have tapped into something that you all know about “The competition”.  There are loads of them out there.  What a way to still get stuff but not pay for it.  Just this week, I have entered competitions from shopping centres, answered surveys to go into the draw to win money, entered to win a $500 voucher at Shopbop and there was even a competition to win a $10,000.00 travel voucher.  I am really surprised how many there are out there, and it is something I never noticed before.   There are some competitions which make you work a little harder for the prize.  You know the ones, the answer in less than 25 words ones.. These are not my favourite, but I have been giving it a go.

I really hope I win one of the prizes, just one, that would make me feel a little lucky!

So, my question to you today is, do you get into the frenzy of entering competitions?  Have you actually won anything??  or is it all a waste of time?

have a great arvo…. & be good




One response to “CC under $10k, and free accessories

  1. I’ve actually won two comps on facebook! One gave me 280$ worth of clothing. The other 100$ worth of jewellery and only took me about 5minutes each to enter!

    MelbourneFashionDiary xx

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