Left Westfield with just 3 purchases & under $30 spent! … how did I do it??

So, I took my girls up to our local Westfield to purchase a birthday gift for a friends daughters birthday party on the weekend – which was lots of fun!

Our first stop was the Myer Toy shop, as I knew it was quiet, and I could keep an eye on my eldest, while we looked around.  On our way up to the toy department we have to go past all the make up counters, and check out all the glosses for my daughter to try on.  I am not too sure that the consultants like it all that much. Liv does do a pretty good job though, selecting what she wants and she is very careful, and precise when it comes to putting it on.  Although, this time she has silver eye shadow on her forehead!

So, we go past the Revlon counter, and Olivia and I eye off there wonderful range of nail polishes, and we both seem to enter Nail poilish heaven.  Every colour you could imagine.  Here is a picture of the shades that we finally chose.  You can pick the one that Olivia chose.  It even smelt like grapefruit..  yum.

I was very good.  I was able to get 2 nail polishes for $6.95 each. Not bad if I do say so myself.

My First Purchases for 2012

The purple colour is now on my toes, and I used the grey as a base, and the scented pink over the top for my fingers, and the nail polish does smell really nice.

I was nicely tempted and resisted for the rest of the evening as we walked our way around Westfield.  Maybe, it was because I was always distracted by my daugther, who would tell me everything that she wanted.  Note, to oneself, to stop the temptation of shopping, take your daughter.  She will keep your mind off things for yourself, and focus on things for her.

When I did get a chance to window shop, I was really surprised at the fashions from the high street retailers, you know the likes of Sportsgirl, Dotti and Supre.    I did walk into the Sportsgirl accessory store, and tried on a couple of pairs of sunnies, which my daughter proceeded to tell me did not look good  😦

I am an avid reader of fashion magazines (that is another story), and I have noticed lately that there is a bigger focus on dressing for less.  Is this just a something, (whats the word I am looking for, you know to describe our current financial crisis) that more people are conscious of how much they spend??.  Are you spending less on clothing, or looking to stores that you never dreamed of entering a couple of years ago because you are being a little more careful with your money.

I know that I am one of those ladies.  Just ask my GF’s and they will tell you that I would never step into Supre or Dotti.  I did have standards…  I was really surprised what I found in these stores.  Not only do they have great basics, ( I now count the amount of ladies who wear the Supre singlet, which comes in loads of colours), but their styles are changing all the time.  There are even stores like Rubi and Novo that sell really cheap shoes, that look half decent.  There are accessory stores popping up every where.  I know that is where I go, when I need that quick style update to an item that I already have.

I know that I used to go on about quality of the things I used to buy from the more expensive brands.  I still believe the quality and craftsmanship can not even be compared to the high street cheaper version.  The high street stores quality is still pretty good, though.  I know I have several singlets that I have had for over a couple of years from Cotton On.  Even thought they are now gym singlets, they have still kept their shape.

I think now people are becoming more thoughtful when and where they spend their money, especially during our current uncertainty in the economy.  I know that I was one of those people to last year.

So, followers, my question to you today is what is your best high street fashion store?  and what are you looking for when you go into these stores.  Have you considered going to these stores more often now that the financial landscape is different?

til next time… Be good!



One response to “Left Westfield with just 3 purchases & under $30 spent! … how did I do it??

  1. I love forever new 🙂
    Seeing that I now have a mortgage I can only afford to shop at less expensive stores and before my mortgage I could never afford buying expensive clothes as I was always saving for a big deposit and uni. I like forever new because the clothes are still in trend and they always have sales so you can normally get the clothes even cheaper than regular retail price.

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