If I were not paying off my Credit Card, I would buy this….

So, in an attempt to deal with not buying any new clothes in 2012, I thought that I would share with you what I potentially would buy if I did not have my credit card debt to pay off.  Throughout out the year I will share with you many (I am sure) things that I would love to buy.  I might even tally up these things, to see actually how much I have saved!! I might surprise myself.

So, WELCOME to my inaugural “If I were not paying off my CC, I would buy this.. (sort of needs some music to go with this)
It is coming up to Valentine’s Day, and I am sure that you are starting to get all sorts of emails reminding you of this special day.  I have also kindly reminded my fantastic husband that I would love to receive some flowers this year, and they are not to be from Coles. (hopefully he reads this blog to remind himself ..hehe)
I was sent an email today from style.com, with their red themed things to buy or potentially give as gifts for Valentines Day, and I just loved this dress.  Check it out.  Just perfect for that dinner with someone special, or just perfect to wear.   I totally love the cap sleeves, colour and print.   Match it with a pair of one of your  BLACK shoes (lol)  and your set to go

Peter Pilotto Ten Dress

It has been designed by London based fashion designer Peter Pilotto.  I had a look as some of his other dresses and they are all amazing.  He launched his line in 2007, and the label quickly gained acclaim for their prints and dresses.  Celebrity fans include Sienna Miller, and Claudia Schiffer.Now the price of this dress is approx $1000.00 after UK currency conversion and you can find it at Farfetch.

So, at the end of this I am feeling pretty good, as I have just saved myself $1000.00.  Not bad….Are you doing anything special for V-Day??  Hoping for some flowers from a florist???

Til next time…..Be Good!


Images c/- http://www.farfetch.com


One response to “If I were not paying off my Credit Card, I would buy this….

  1. great post again Luchi, and I took note, no flowers from Coles…xoxo.

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