Making Space for the New, A Baby Shower & Birthday

So, over the weekend, I had 2 events to attend –  A 2nd child Baby Shower of a friend down on the Gold Coast, and my sister-in-laws birthday.  I did not purchase anything new, but the pants that you see me wearing were purchased just before I set myself this goal.

My beautiful daughter Olivia insisted on being part of the photo, and I could not resist.  So, the pants I wore, were from a boutique in the Valley called Drobe.  The top is a basic from my friends at Supre.  You can get so many colours.  My shoes are from ASOS that I bought 2 seasons ago.  The necklaces are from one of the accessory retailers here in Australia, think it was Adorne.  I have my usual rack of bracelets and my Swatch from NY

Olivia & I

Once I arrived at the restaurant, I sat down with my girlfriends and we enjoyed lunch together (although I was not too impressed with the food or the price, but that’s another story).  I sat there and listened to the various stories that we all told about having children, our experiences both funny and not so funny.  We then moved to a place down stairs where my girlfriends continued their conversation with a bottle of sparkling wine.

I had to leave early to attend my sister-in-laws birthday dinner(by the way I wore the same thing.. how convenient!).   On my drive back to Brissie,  for some reason I started to reflect on the relationships I have with my girlfriends.  This is something I have been considering in the back of my mind for a little while and for some reason I was really reflecting on it today, and I wondered “Are friendships like cleaning your wardrobes”??

You know, on a regular basis you decide that you need more room in your wardrobe, so you get everything out, put it in a couple of piles, and make some decisions on them.  Could this be the same with friends?  You know there are the following piles:

CLOTHES THAT YOU KEEP – These are like the friends that grow with you,  or maybe these are your family.  They are your go to, you know that dress that always fits perfectly, and you feel like a star!  You can not speak for ages, but when you do, there is always that connection.

CLOTHES THAT NEED FIXING BUT STILL WEARABLE – These are friends that you have kept at the back of your closet, maybe not been in touch with for a while, and just need some dusting off or calling to re-connect.

CLOTHES FOR RECYCLING – These are the friends that, although you can see the holes, or that they do not fit all that well anymore, you keep anyway.  You have not worn them for ages.   It can be hard to give these clothes away, because they do come with fond memories, and maybe that is why you are holding onto them, but deep down you know they no longer fit in your wardrobe collection, and it is time to move on.

Now, the awesome and wonderful thing about making space in your wardrobe, is the opportunity to purchase new things (not that I will be doing that in 12′)  Just like your wardrobe, maybe making room for the new gives you the opportunity to meet new people in your life, and discover new styles that you never even noticed before.

This has left me something to consider,  what friendships do I have that I need  to let go? Or maybe there are some pieces of clothing that I need to pull out from the back of my wardrobe and start wearing them again, and the most exciting of them is finding new friendships that I never saw before.

Have you ever considered your friends in this way?  Have you ever sat down and questioned who your friends are for you?

How does it feel when you clean out your wardrobe?  Do you think you would get that same sense of “space” if you did this with your friends??  Am I being a little harsh?

I am really interested in hearing your thoughts on this one today?

Be good…



2 responses to “Making Space for the New, A Baby Shower & Birthday

  1. Very interesting commentary and thoughts.. My opinion is that your thoughts are spot on with most analogies that you have made with cloths.. But most of the time it is upon looking backwards upon reflection of past relationships that you can make these analogies. Remember people aren’t possessions to be used, worn or thrown away at whim.. Instead it’s the natural law of progression and change where over time some friends will continue in your life and others won’t.. It usually is more of a progressive natural change and transformation rather than a quick clean out..
    People are in your life for a reason, and unless they do harm to you in some way, there is never a reason to remove friends from your life..
    Just my opinion…

    • Thanks for your comments Steven. I love the words that you use “ natural change and transformation” to describe how friendships do change. I think if the change is like you describe there is never the reason to remove friends from your life, it just happens naturally.

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