Does that include thongs?? LOL

So, to those of you who have read my previous post, will recall I asked you to count how many pairs of black shoes that you have in your closet & I said I would share mine.

So, here they are….

My Collection of Black Shoes

Well, first of all I must tell you that I do not like wearing black fullstop.  It goes back to the days of when I was a little girl, and my dear Mama telling me that only widows wear black, and I have this memory of all these sad women wearing black, and I did not want to look sad.  Simple, yes, I know.  My collection is large for someone who does not like black, but anyway.

The first pair are my Prada’s.  I mainly use these in winter for work.  When I first got them, there were ridiculously high, but over the years I have become used to wearing heels, so these little darlings are easier to walk in.  Do not get me wrong, there are not a shoe that I would wear to walk and see a client.  Clearly, just a walk from my car to the office, walk around the office, and walk back to my car type pair of shoes.

The second 2 pairs looks very similar.  I think the first pair from Mollini, look a bit burlesquey, and I did enjoy wearing them a few years ago, but they seemed to have slid to the back of my closet.   The Polka-Dot pair are more cutesy, and my daughter loves wearing them.  The heel is a little low for me, and too stiletto -ish.  They are another pair sitting in my wardrobe.  Mind you when I got them they were on sale for $200, think they were nearly $40 full price.

Now, now my final pair are the most uncomfortable shoes that I have worn in a long time.  They are beautiful shoes, and I wore them when I was bridesmaid, for a GF’s wedding a couple of years ago.  Worn once, and never again.  Again my daughter loves these shoes.

“POW” what an idea I have just come up with. Writing this post today has made me realise, that I really only want to keep these Prada shoes and the others that I do not wear I can sell on eBay.   The money I make can pay off my credit card.

Am I smart of what?  How cool is that!…  So, over the next couple of days, I will post those shoes on eBay, and share with you how much I get.

So, what has the title of this post got to do with anything of this (you are asking).  Well, after I wrote my blog the other day, I was having the conversation with good friend at work, who on a daily basis, we share loads of fashion, beauty, gossip info & our latest purchases.  She started to count the amount of black shoes she had, 1,2,3,4… Firstly, it started with her pumps, then she asks, does it include flats and  I said yes, she added her flats to her count – 9,10,11…, and then she said does it include thongs?  We both cacked ourselves laughing as she clearly has many pairs of black shoes.  Maybe, it was a “had to ber these for it to be funny sort of thing” anyway…

How much do you think my shoes (minus the Prada’s) will sell for on eBay?  Do you sell stuff that you no longer wear on ebay?? or do you donate it to charity?  Send me pictures of your black shoe collection.

Til next time, as my Mama says… “Be Good”



2 responses to “Does that include thongs?? LOL

  1. Nice post 🙂 and you have a funny friend 😉

  2. Neat blog Love! Well, just the other day I sold a Prada purse and an LV purse on Dubizzle which is the Dubai ‘e-bay’. I got 600AED for both which is about $160AUD. I guess I used them for 4+ years and am glad someone else will enjoy them now, as I never use them anymore. I am trying to sell some shoes (sadly they are still brand new) have had no hits other than some crazy price offers e.g. 30AED for brand new Coach shoes. It is a bit of fun and anything I make means I can buy a new toy for Zhanna 🙂 As for that lovely friend you speak about…bless! I am just as bad but I have had a big clean up and have only kept the ones I use and love. PS Now that I am having a girl I am keeping a few things as vintage for Zhanna. 😉

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