Temptations…. Back off you Mean Witchery Email….

So, I have been having a great day, when I look at my inbox, and see the following Autumn Winter fashion arrival email from my lovely friends at Witchery…

Image c/- Witchery

I just stare at this image and think how nice are those sunnies, I could do with a new pair to go with I am not sure yet.  I just love the bag.  You know I have been looking for something similar for a while, with the flap, it is so now…

I need a new pair of black pumps for work to replace my Gucci ones.  That, mind you I only wore for 1 season.. As I write this , I laugh to myself.. I already have a pair of perfectly new black shoes, and they are designer too… what was I thinking…

Isnt it amazing how retailers are always letting us know that we need more..  More Sunnies, more bags, more shoes.

My wardrobe is full of so much stuff, that according to my friendly retailers I must have.

Here is a little exercise for you all, let me know how many pairs of black shoes, either high heels, flats, that you have in your wardrobe, and I will do the same.  Or better still how many black skirts or black pants do you have, and yes, black jeans count!!  I will be posting my over the coming days and look forward to seeing your count…

Anyway, to stop myself from the “WITCHERY” temptation of this seasons new items hitting their stores, I have decided for 2012, I will “UNSUBSCRIBE” to their lovely emails.

Til next time… Be Good




One response to “Temptations…. Back off you Mean Witchery Email….

  1. 7 pairs of black shoes – 4 high heels 2 flats 1 flip flops. How many do you have?

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