My first event for 2012 – Tikka & Ryan’s Wedding

So, my first challenge for 2012 – a good friends wedding last weekend!!  As some of you may have read(if not read this), one of goals for 2012 is to pay off my credit card..  Yes, it is just on $10,496.00, so I have a lot of work to do in the next 12 months.

The way I am going to do it, is not to spend any money on clothes or shoes or handbags for the next 12 months and still remain fashionable, and share my experiences with you, whatever comes up – a little scary!!

So, we were very privileged, to be part of a very special day of our friends Mattika & Ryan last Saturday, as they celebrated their wedding.  The wedding was beautiful, and we got to meet some of Tikka & Ryan’s family.  It was held at Noosa, and the day was beautiful.

My outfit @ Tikka & Ryan's Wedding

I had to choose something from my wardrobe, that I have previously worn before, which was a little challenging, as I always like to look good, by wearing something new.  I was lucky that we had not met any of the guests previously, so that was made a little easier as well.

To keep in with bright colours this season, I chose an bright orange dress, that I purchased when I had a fashion stylist help me with some shopping.  The shoes I got on-line from one of my fav on-line stores.  Finally, my necklace tied in well, and I think I got it from one of Australia’s accessories retailers last year.  My watched is a Swatch from New York, and bracelets are collection of various ones I have purchased over the years – I love stacking them all together.

My first official event of the year was great! We all enjoyed being part of Tikka & Ryan’s special day.

Until my next blog… good!!!



5 responses to “My first event for 2012 – Tikka & Ryan’s Wedding

  1. Well done Luch, beautiful colour for a wedding x

  2. Robyn Bertolissio

    Good on you Lucia. You looked lovely at the wedding. Paying off the card is a greay NY resolution. In my job I see too many clients with too much card debt. To help reduce the card, check out balance transfers on the cannex website & transfer card to low rate, low annual fee card & pay off as much as you can and DO NOT USE CARD. When bal transfet period almost over, bal transfer again if needed. This way u r paying off balance & not paying alot of interest. Good luck. PS only pay cash for clothes until card paid off.

  3. Rebecca Hiscock

    Ohhhh Luci, I will be very interested in seeing you succeed on this one. You looked hot by the way.

  4. Very cool darl! You look lovely. It is the perfect outfit you have put together. Proud of you for doing this. That debt will be paid off in no time. A few Christian Louboutins and handbag sacrificed will be well worth it in the long run. Looking forward to seeing your next ensemble. X

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